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Discount-Clearwater-Hotels.Com FAQ
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Q: Why doesn’t Discount-Clearwater-Hotels.Com accept my credit card?
A: For your protection, Discount-Clearwater-Hotels.Com requires the billing address of the credit card you’re using in addition to the credit card number. Also when you enter your credit card and billing information, please make sure the address and zip or postal code are correct.

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Q: Which credit cards may I use?
A: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Q: How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
A: We’ll send you a confirmation email immediately after you complete your reservation. Your confirmation email will include reservation dates, hotel room rate, and rebate information.

Q: Why do some searches display properties with a red Hot Rate button?
A: These properties represent special discounted properties available only at Discount-Clearwater-Hotels.Com. We negotiate extremely favorable rates for you and request that you pre-pay for these reservations at time of booking.

Q: Why must I pre-pay for these special prices?
A: Discount-Clearwater-Hotels.Com has reserved these rooms in advance at these very special rates, and we need to be paid in advance so that we can continue to offer these great rates to our customers.

Q: How can I get a receipt for my stay?
A: Generally you will receive an itemized receipt from the hotel at departure. If you stayed at a discounted pre-paid room you will need to use your confirmation email as a receipt for the room booked and paid in advance by credit card. In this case you will only get an itemized receipt for incidental charges on departure from the hotel.

Q: Why do I see a lower rate than the rate that I booked?
A: Rates change all the time. Booking far in advance may result in rate changes near the time of your existing reservation. We do not have the ability to modify a reservation to change to the lower rate. For Discount-Clearwater-Hotels.Com’s special discounted-rate properties you may cancel and re-book, however we will charge you the $10 cancellation fee. For all other properties with regular rack rates you will be bound by the hotel restrictions with regards to cancellation and re-booking.